Free Pokemon Go Accounts 2021 | Account Free List

 Free Pokemon Go Accounts 2021 | Account Free ListFree Pokemon Go Accounts: Pokemon GO mobile game was released in July 2016 and presented to gamers. The game, which has increased in popularity in a short time, is still played by millions of young gamers in 2021. How would you like to play the game and get ahead of other players by having an advantageous account with a free Pokemon GO 2021 account? Yes, this is possible. As it is known, there are many heroes in the Pokemon GO game. Some of these heroes are abundant in the game, while some are rare. Once you have these rare pokemons, you can showcase or sell successful games with them. So it is possible to earn money from this game. The passwords below belong to free accounts.

Free Pokemon Go Accounts 2021 | Account Free List

Pokemon Account Username Password
antertikali gogolimax
pidgeotgox1 godyousun
carnfinilako mondragon91
levelxback uzrukie3212
patriotic6575 gutelibayb
patrickpan panman32123
lamefleasxc d3f4g5h6j7
lifesaver12 havethepower
darkangelll14 angel456123
generalryo 978ryo987


The free Pokemon GO 2021 account allows you to access rare pokemons at no cost. In this way, you will get ahead of many gamers and gain an advantage in the game. Pokemon GO game is a mobile game created by Pokemon GO Niantic in America. While playing the game, you try to catch the pokemons in the region you are located according to your geographical location. Many gamers stroll the streets for days to find rare pokemon. But you won’t worry about it thanks to us!

What is Free Pokemon GO 2021 Account and How to Use It?

The free Pokemon Go 2021 account gives you extra priority in the Pokemon GO game. In other words, you get ahead of many other players. This game asks you to find the pokemons it contains. You need to find Pokemon and compete with other players. The success rate in these competitions is based on the characteristics of the Pokemon you have. So how do you use this account?

  • In order to use the Pokemon Go 2021 account, you must first download the required game application to your mobile device. You can download this application from the Android store if you are using an android device, or from the Appl store if you are using a device with iOS operating system.
  • When you log in to the account, you can view rare pokemons that are available in your account from the My Pokemon tab and organize competitions with other players.

With the free Pokemon Go 2021 account, you will be a professional Pokemon Go player from the moment you start playing the game. The reason for this is the rare Pokemon in the accounts we give you.

Your Advantages With the Free Pokemon Go 2021 Account

The advantages you can get with the free Pokemon Go 2021 account will also enable you to earn money. First of all, we should point out that the game has acquired many users after many years. During this period, many players struggled to find rare pokemons. Finding rare pokemons has become almost impossible in the game. For this reason, people earn a living by selling the rare pokemon they have to other players. So how do you make money?

  • As we mentioned before, eighty percent of the Pokemon in these accounts are rare Pokemon. You can sell these pokemons from the moment you log into the account. Or you can wait for a while and find other rare Pokemon to increase your earnings.
  • So how can you find rare pokemons? When you examine the comments made by the users, it is revealed that these types of pokemon are mostly located in mountainous areas.
  • As we said before, the game uses your geographic location and allows you to find pokemons in the area. Since there are too many people living in crowded places, rare Pokemon are almost non-existent. But you have more chances to find rare pokemon in rural areas.
  • If you have a vehicle, you can visit the countryside and add new ones to your rare Pokemon in the Free Pokemon Go 2021 account.
Free Pokemon Go 2021 Account Additional Information and System Requirements

When playing games with the Free Pokemon Go Accounts, the most important issue is that the location on your mobile device is always open. Because when you close and open the game, there is a constant code refresh in the background. If your location is off, your geographic location cannot be determined exactly. This causes you not to find the pokemons in that area.

The number of people who make money from the Pokemon Go game is not too many. This requires perseverance and constant travel. If you are a traveling person, you may be one of the few people who make money.

So, what are the minimum technical specifications of your device in order to run this game?

  • For Android devices, you must have an operating system of Android 4.3 and above.
  • The temporary memory of your device must be 1 GB or more.
  • The processor specification of your mobile device must be at a frequency of 1.0 GHz and above dualcore.
  • Graphic features should be Adreno 305 and above.
  • Connection features: GPS compatible, Wifi and Mobile data must be turned on.
  • For IOS devices, an operating system of iOS 6 and above is required.
  • The temporary memory of your Apple device must be 1 GB or more.
  • As for the graphics features, PowerVR should be SGX535 and above.
  • It must have wifi, GPS and mobile data capabilities.

These features are required for a smooth in-game with a free Pokemon Go 2021 account.

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